Lithium Ion / Polymer Batteries

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Lithium ion (Li-ion) battery technologies offer increased performance over nickel and lead-based battery packs and battery assemblies. Li-ion and lithium polymer batteries can provide up to twice as much energy density as NiCD (nickel cadmium) batteries, and are capable of high discharge currents. Li-ion and lithium polymer batteries have relatively low self-discharge rates and generally have long shelf lives and life cycles.

HOB Custom Power (DBA House of Batteries) offers a wide range of lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries, from mil-spec compliant rechargeable cells for military radios to ruggedized, IP67-rated li-ion batteries for portable electronics to high energy lithium-ion cells for hybrid and electric vehicles. With our huge inventory of sizes, configurations, and li-ion and lithium polymer chemistries, it’s easy to find the right battery for your unique application.

Li-ion and lithium polymer cells are only sold as parts of battery pack assemblies, and are not available individually. Single cells are only available with protection circuitry installed.

If you can’t find a battery that meets your requirements on this page, please visit our custom lithium ion/lithium polymer battery pack page, or contact us to learn more about our custom battery packs.

Request a quote for lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries for your application, or contact HOB Custom Power (DBA House of Batteries) for more information.